Monday, July 8, 2013

Spring, 2013

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We have been busy, busy, busy...April marked Olivia's first birthday, followed by a crazy month of May (the busiest month at school, by far!), a family wedding in June, and Ethan's 4th birthday!  Enjoy the pictures from our spring by clicking here.

 Wow, it's been forever since we uploaded anything!  So, here is the first batch - it's a big bunch, but it covers our life from December, 2012 - March, 2013.  Family from Australia, Christmas celebrations (Olivia's first!), a trip to the SD Zoo, Ethan's first ski trip, and fun at here for the full album!  Enjoy :)

Monday, December 3, 2012


Paris!!  We spent Thanksgiving in the city of lights, as a complete Hu-Stein-Diep clan.  We started the trip off with a family bike tour - they all did great! In fact, the kids were fighting over the tandem bike when we thought they would be fighting over the trailer.  Paris with children is slightly different than 9 years ago when we were all simply DINKs, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Elie and Zoe were very open to learning French, whereas Ethan was reluctant - the one word he learned was "macaron" which he picked up as we stood in line at Laduree, peering at the multitude of colors and flavors.  After our fair share of steak tartare,  duck confit, and macarons, we are back stateside and already missing the romance of Paris
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Washington, D.C.

CP's new school won the 2012 National Blue Ribbon School Award, so we took advantage of the opportunity to visit D.C..  After nearly 10 years in Alexandria, we finally made it out to vist Carol, Frank and family as well...from visiting great friends, seeing our national sites (Wilson's first time!), to accepting a prestigious award for CP's school, we had a blast in a whirlwind trip...followed only 3 days later by Paris!  Ethan and Olivia both did great with the travel, so we are going to figure out how to work in more travel for our munchkins in the coming years!  Click here to see our fun in D.C..
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Fall Update

We are thoroughly behind in our posts, but here is a collection of photos from the end of our summer/early fall.  We both went back to work in August, Ethan started school, and Olivia went from being the sleeping queen (10+ hours at night) to the waking queen (every 2 hours!).  It's clear that she doesn't like CP being back at work, but alas, we need the pay check :P  Olivia is slowly learning how to sleep again, Ethan loves being in pre-school, and we are looking forward to the holiday season.  This album here is August - November (pre-Paris).  Stay tuned for the photos from Paris.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Update!

June and July have flown by!  Wilson took paternity leave so I wouldn't have to spend the entire summer as a full-time mom while he worked.  I have to say, after having Wilson home in July for two straight summers, I think I could get used to it!  Since the last post, we've been busy, busy, busy.  We celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday, had Olivia's Red Egg (no pictures since Wilson forgot his camera!), a family trip to Disneyland and California Adventures, a long weekend in Pajaro Dunes, a visit from our cousins from Ohio, a first birthday party, and lots of relaxing by the pool.  Click here to see the photos from our fun filled summer!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May/June Updates

It's been another busy month for the Diep household!  We start off the month with a visit from the Blakes and Broussards - it was nice to finally meet Adele.  She's only a few weeks older than Olivia, but you can see that it makes a world of difference at their age.  (Plus, Adele has much taller parents and was born more than 1 lb heavier than O!).  Next up, we celebrated Dolly's high school graduation - when did May become the season for graduations?  We ended May with an impromptu (on our part) weekend in Bolinas with the Hu-Steins - thanks for a fabulous weekend!  The kids had a blast playing together and exploring.  Finally, there are a few pics from hanging at home.  CPs at the end of her month of full time day care duty, and we are all looking forward to the rest of the summer (Ethan's 3rd birthday, Olivia's Red Egg, a family trip to Disneyland, and what's turning out to be an annual Hu-Van Reeth visit!).  Enjoy the photos :)